Hemling...knows how!

We are what you would like us to be.

If you work with your own architects: no problem. Hemling is happy to cooperate with your team. But if youdon't have a specialist for the overall concept, creative interiors or facade design and the requirements for thepreservation of historic buildings – you can rely on Hemling. We cooperate with five very experiencedarchitectural firms.

Even if you are looking for a partner to coordinate all the different trades involved, we are just right for you.
Whatever we do, we do it well.

A bit of background

Hemling was founded in 1958 by Heinrich Hemling in Ahaus, Germany. Today, it is a family-run business in thesecond generation, and employs 240 staff. Apart from shopfitting, Hemling also takes on projects for homeinteriors, exclusive property furnishing and laboratory design. Development, design and production take placeexclusively at the site in Ahaus with almost 20,000 square meters of covered space. In other words: Hemlingstands for ”Made in Germany”.

One of our largest customers in the shopfitting sector is a renowned German optics company that operates over 600 stores in Germany and its neighboring countries. But of course we also work for other industries.By means of selected examples, this book is intended to showcase our capacity in this field.

Our commercial property division mainly works for investors who build luxury homes, penthouses andapartments with exquisite interiors, mainly overseas and in the Far East. Our laboratory group makes sure thatprocesses in schools, universities and companies that have their own research departments run smoothly andsafely on equipment that is built to last. Finally, our home interiors department takes care of private customerswho wish for a perfectly fitted interior that suits their individual needs.

And actually, it happens quite frequently that customers who know us as shopfitters ask us to design theirhomes.