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About Us

It was the late 1940’s when young Heinrich Hemling held the dream of starting his own woodworking shop. The talented young cabinet maker had a passion for creating high-end, custom furnishing for homes and businesses. Soon after opening the shop, Heinrich’s passion and quality started to build him the reputation that endures to this day. The name Hemling has been standing for top quality custom interiors and custom bedroom furniture for more than 50 years.

Now, Heinrich’s three sons and his grandchildren carry on with his vision. Their dedication to producing unique, top quality furnishings remains the highest ideal of Hemling Interiors and has given them a globally recognized top spot in the furniture industry including custom design and custom bedroom furniture.

Hemling equipment, facilities and environmentally friendly production of custom bedroom furniture are largely unrivaled. We proudly produce beautiful, durable, first-rate interiors, exclusive shop furnishings, as well as technical furnishings for laboratories and institutions that are highly sought after. As we are manufacturers, we can totally customize each detail and guarantee the highest possible quality of our custom bedroom furniture products. Many customers return again and again to take advantage of our experience, expertise and highest level of customer service.

The tradition of working with highly skilled trades people and providing superior customer service still characterizes the Hemling reputation as much as it did in Heinrich’s day. To achieve this level of perfection, we gather people who are a perfect fit with our vision. Our company family works together as a harmonious team with a single focus – customer delight! The fully family owned business of today will continue on for generations of Hemlings to come.