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Room for rituals.

There are bathrooms like this one and the other kind of bathroom – this one is the kind we are talking about: bathrooms that stand out from the dreary mass of standard buildings and give you something precious – plenty of space for leisure and relaxation. Those that think that the only thing you do in a bathroom is wash off the everyday dirt and refresh yourself have not understood the deeper wisdom of cleansing your body. The Indian, Roman, Japanese and Greek high cultures had extensive cleansing rituals that affected the body, mind and soul alike. Gods were present even in bathrooms. Why not continue this sophisticated bathing culture today – adapted to modern standards of comfort. Hemling knows how.

Start relaxing as soon as you lay your eyes on it.

A home spa has a whole range of advantages: you don't need to drive to get there, there are no opening hours and you don't have to pay to get in – plus, you get to choose the other visitors, unless you prefer relaxing on your own. This way, you can enjoy the spa atmosphere in your own home with all your senses. Your sense of aesthetics will be particularly pleased – a Hemling sauna, for instance, is something fundamentally different from the rustic feel of classic home saunas and fits in perfectly with sophisticated interior design concepts.